Create a wonderful centerpiece for your school or organisation. We will work with groups of up to 10 children at a time on exciting projects ranging from Batik, Marbling, Stone carving, Weave, Printing or Clay to design develop and create a unique and stunning piece of art to publicly display.

Groups will benefit from a supportive nurturing approach where all will be able to participate and be involved in the production of the final art work.  children will benefit from boosted self confidence and self belief, enhanced social skills and the opportunity to work through challenges and to work collaboratively together.   

The art created will be able to be displayed within your school or organisation.  This will then act as a constant reminder of the positive experience and highlight how collaborative working can enable great success.

Sessions can also be arranged to provide individual students with mentoring or alternative provision for one or two afternoons per week.  Please see 'individual sessions' for more information. 

Kids in Art Class

School projects will be charged at different rates depending upon the project and materials.  Please contact us directly for prices and availability.

Approximate guide:

£150 half day (groups of up to 10 at a time).

Approximate length of project is 3 to 5 half day sessions depending on complexity.

Cost will include basic materials and resources but additional costs may be incurred for adventurous projects involving more expensive materials.

One to one individual alternative provision can also be provided for pupils struggling to access mainstream education full time.  This will be managed on an individual basis.  Please contact us for details.



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