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These workshops are an opportunity to come together in a safe and neutral environment to create, learn and collaborate.  Workshops encourage exploration and imagination allowing creativity and expression to take centre stage!  All sessions will aim to help participants learn new skills and techniques along the way.  These workshops are not about going away as a master artist.  They are about enjoying the process, experimenting with colour, shape, pattern, form and materials.

Individuals or groups may chose to focus on larger scale projects over the course of several sessions.  Ideas and projects can be adapted according to individual needs, strengths and creativity!  Each workshop will have a maximum of 5 people so a high level of support and guidance will be available.

Create an amazing work of art to take away which will act as a constant reminder of the shared collaborative experience. Boost self esteem, develop team work and gain insight into each other's strengths and ways of working! Learn new skills and ideas and leave having created an amazing piece of art together that you can treasure forever.

A perfect opportunity for any family who needs a change of scenery or who wants a shared project.  Ideal opportunity for contact sessions for children in care, new and developing families or those undergoing transitions.